Onshore Supplies

The provision of different commodities, equipment, and services required to support marine activities when boats are parked at ports or offshore terminals is referred to as “onshore supplies.” These supplies are necessary for cargo handling, personnel welfare, vessel maintenance, and other operating requirements.

While ships are parked at ports or offshore terminals, onshore supplies are crucial for maintaining vessel readiness, supporting marine operations, and guaranteeing crew wellbeing. Onshore supplies enhance the general efficacy and prosperity of marine operations by offering necessary products, services, and infrastructure.

Ship Chandler Services

Ship chandlers provide a wide range of supplies and services to vessels while they are docked at ports. This includes provision supply, deck and engine stores, safety equipment, medical supplies, spare parts, and other essentials required by crew members and vessels.

Bunker Fuel

Onshore supplies include bunker fuel, which is fuel used by vessels for propulsion and powering onboard systems. Bunker fuel may be supplied to vessels directly from fuel terminals or through bunkering services provided by fuel suppliers at ports.

Fresh Water Supply

Vessels require fresh water for various purposes such as drinking, cooking, cleaning, and firefighting. Onshore supplies include fresh water supply services provided to vessels at ports through water supply terminals or water barges.

Waste Disposal Services

Onshore supplies encompass waste disposal services for vessels to dispose of garbage, sewage, and other waste generated onboard. Waste disposal services may include garbage collection, sewage pumping, and waste treatment facilities at ports.

Provision Supply

Provision supply services provide food, beverages, and other consumables necessary for crew welfare and sustenance onboard vessels. Provision supply may include fresh produce, dry goods, frozen foods, beverages, and specialty items requested by crew members.

Crew Welfare Services

Onshore supplies may include crew welfare services such as crew transportation, accommodation, recreation facilities, internet access, and communication services provided to crew members during port stays.