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Dry Dock (Dubai)

Dry Dock (Dubai)

Drydocks World Dubai is a renowned ship repair and shipbuilding facility located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in 1983, Drydocks World Dubai has grown to become one of the leading maritime service providers in the region, offering a wide range of services to the maritime and offshore industries. The facility is equipped with advanced infrastructure, including dry docks, ship repair berths, workshops, and fabrication yards, capable of accommodating vessels of various sizes, from small crafts to supertankers and offshore rigs.

Drydocks World Dubai offers comprehensive ship repair services, including hull repairs, mechanical and electrical works, blasting and painting, and propulsion system overhauls. Additionally, the facility provides specialized services such as conversion, refurbishment, and life extension projects for vessels and offshore structures.

In addition to ship repair, Drydocks World Dubai has significant expertise in shipbuilding, with a track record of constructing a wide range of vessels, including offshore support vessels, drilling rigs, floating production units, and naval vessels.

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